Monday, July 16, 2012

Apakah Guinea Pig?

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera.

Pasti anda tertanya-tanya apakah itu Guinea Pig? Ia adalah seekor haiwan yang lebih besar daripada hamster dan lebih kecil daripada arnab. Ada sesetengah orang memanggilnya arkus iaitu nama gabungan daripada arnab dan tikus. Haiwan ini amat comel sekali dan ia amat sesuai dibela oleh semua orang. Kalau anda ingin melihat gambarnya, boleh search di internet, ada pelbagai gambar yang comel dan melucukan. 

Cara penjagaannya boleh dikatakan agak mudah juga. Yang penting tempat atau kandangnya kena bersih, makan dan minum juga perlulah mencukupi. Ia sejenis haiwan yang amat sukakan kepada kebersihan. Jika tempat tinggalnya kotor, ia akan mudah jatuh sakit.  Sama seperti manusia, kita pun tidak sukakan tempat tinggal yang kotor kan, kita mahu semuanya bersih supaya kita selesa untuk tinggal di dalamnya. 


Nur Farahidayah Binti Mohd Rouse (nfmr)


Saturday, July 7, 2012

My New Male Guinea Pig, Zorro

It's has been a long time since I didn't update this blog. Well, I have a surprise. I have another male guinea pig. He is so cute. I think he is about one month old when I was bought him from a pet shop. I place him with my others male guinea pig, name Oliver. I'm so scare they going to fight but it's didn't happen. Oliver accept his new cage mate. At first, they did what it's call mate dance to know who is more dominance. Then. they settle down. Oliver is being so protective to Zorro. When Zorro is scare, he will run to hide behind Oliver because Oliver is big. I love both of them. I didn't bought a female guinea pig because I didn't want to breed them. There is a lot of risky to breed a guinea pig. It's almost two weeks since I place them together and nothing bad or fight is happening. I  hope they can be cage together forever and they will not fight in the future.  

The End, 
 Nur Farahidayah Binti Mohd Rouse (nfmr)

Zorro and Oliver
Zorro With His Brother, Oliver

Before I Get My Guinea Pig

Well, I must admit that I had to face a lot of obstacle before I get Oliver, my guinea pig. All of my family member does not like my idea to have a guinea pig. Actually, I already have hamster and bird. At last, I get it. I buy the guinea pig without my father knowledge, but my mom know it, because she accompany me to buy Oliver. Well, of course my mother does not like it. She accompany me to buy Oliver because she scare to let me drive alone.  My mom does not stop talk that how she and my father does not like what just I did, buy a guinea pig. The truth, I also scare that my father will be angry at me. Luckily, when I arrive home, my father just out to fetch my younger sister from school. I quickly bring the guinea pig and all the accessories to my room. But, I can't keep it secret too long from my father. In the evening, my father know it and I afraid he will scold me, but he did not mad at all. He look at my guinea pig and ask his name and the gender. Then he tell me why I not buy two female guinea pig because guinea pig cannot live alone. It's a relief because my father not mat at me. I love you Mom and Dad.

The end...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Female Guinea Pig

I'm so happy. Today I got another guinea pig. Female Guinea Pig. The guinea pig name was Olivia. It's given by my younger sister. She say she want to name it Olivia because it will be match with my male guinea pig name, Oliver. Olivia is Abyssinian guinea pig. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guinea Pig Starter Kit

Well, today I want to tell about guinea pig starter kit. What should you buy when you want to have a guinea pig at your home is cage, small animal bedding, timothy hay, 2 food bowl, wood chew stick, mineral block, and guinea pig treat. Some pet shop sell starter kit which include all of the guinea pig supplies and some pet shop sold the guinea pig supplies separately. I was unlucky because the pet shop that I go does not have starter kit for guinea pig and it's means I have to buy all the item separately and I'm can tell you that it's more expensive.

The end...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My New Pet Guinea Pig

Today (25/06/2011) is my happy day. I get a guinea pig. So this is my first blog about my guinea pig. I will put my guinea pig picture after I tame him. Yup, I got a male guinea pig. Actually his first name is Brian then I change it to Oliver. I hope Oliver is happy to stay with me. Bye...

The end...